“When I go in to something I aim to win, and that’s what I’m going to be trying to do.” Curtis Woodhouse on Retford win.

Following Tuesday nights 8-0 win over Retford United, Town’s new manager Curtis Woodhouse spoke to Aaron Irwin about the result.

AI: “That’s not a bad way to start your Brid career is it, 15 goals in two games.”

CW: “Yeah, I was just saying then I may have peaked too early! Pete said if it’s not 9-0 next week then my jobs in jeopardy. A fantastic start, no disrespect to Armthorpe on Saturday, but I think we beat Armthorpe because they were a poor team. I thought we played well against Armthorpe don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t think they offered much resistance where tonight I believe we won because we were outstanding.

That’s one of the best team performances I’ve ever been involved in, player or manager. We were outstanding, and the way we worked we pressed the ball, and harassed the opposition, it was a joy to watch.”

AI: “Everyone on Twitter is saying it’s the ‘Woodhouse effect’, would you agree?”

CW: “No, I definitely wouldn’t agree with that, I think it’s all about the players really. I think sometimes the manager’s role is a little bit overegged. It’s all about the players I just set them out to hopefully follow a game plan and we did follow it but the players have got to take the credit, not me.”

AI: “Obviously you have some big shoes to fill, Gary has set up a good team here. A few of your players have come in, two of them on the score-sheet, Jack played well, it must be nice to see.”

CW: “Yeah Gary’s done an outstanding job, great job over the years, he’s put together a good side. It’s my job now to put my little bit of spin on it, and try and take the team to the next level. I think Brid over the last few years have been finishing fourth, fifth and sixth in and around them areas and it’s my job to take a team that finishes fifth and sixth and hopefully win the title. That’s what I’m here for, when I go in to something I aim to win, and that’s what I’m going to be trying to do.”

AI: “So is that your main aim for this season? To focus on the league or are you trying to give us a cup run?”

CW: “Both! I always strive for perfection so every game we’re trying to win to see where we end up.”

AI: “When you was appointed as manager, was it your first logical step to bring in Ian? (Ashbee).”

CW: “Yeah Ash was my first phone call, he said to me ‘what do you want?’ I said ‘do you fancy coming to Brid Town?’ So I went and had a chat with him over a couple of beers, that seems to be where all our conversations start, is over a couple of beers! I just told him I’ve been chatting to Pete Smurthwaite and he’s offered me the job and did he want to come in. It took about five minutes to agree to come in and he’s great to be around is Ash, very knowledgeable about football and I have a good time, I enjoy being around him. He’s perfect for it.”

AI: “We saw that you’ve signed Jamie Forrester today, you mentioned a little black book, are there any other players in this book that we can be expecting to come in?”

CW: “There’s a few more in that little black book, so we’ll see how it develops over the next few days. But I think it’s only fair for me to give the lads that are here a fair crack of the whip. There’s a few that have really made me stand up and take notice. The black book’s got plenty in there so we’ll just have to see whether I use them or not. There’ll be a few more ins and outs”

AI: “The thing is you don’t want to upset the squad, the balance that Gary’s built up.”

CW: “That’s what I’m very keen to do, is to get the balance of the squad right. With the good footballers that we’ve got here, I thought it was important to add some steel. That’s why my first signing was Nicky McNamara. I rang him straight away, I know all about Macca he gives us that leadership quality in the middle of the pitch because the one thing that got labelled at Bridlington in the past was that they’re good at home when the pitch is nice but they can’t go away and win ugly. So that was my wildcard. To toughen the team up and let the talent that we’ve got going forward really shine.”

AI: “Of course as you said earlier we’ve had two quite easy games, we go play Liversedge next week who are right at the top, do you feel you can prepare the team for that?”

CW: “I’m not even thinking about Liversedge yet, we’ve obviously got a home game on Saturday and that’ll be my main concern and we’ll deal with Liversedge when we get to Liversedge.”