“I’ve got a long term vision for Bridlington Town” Curtis Woodhouse spoke after Liversedge win

Brid Town boss Curtis Woodhouse made it four wins from four since taking over with a fantastic 2-1 win over table topping Liversedge. Aaron Irwin caught up with the new boss and had a chat with him following the win.

AI: “So you’ve won four, scored 19 and conceded three, it’s not a bad start is it?”

CW: “Well I haven’t won four, the lads have won four. I haven’t scored any goals they’ve scored 19 I haven’t scored any. It’s been a great start, the lads have been absolutely fantastic. They’ve bought into a few ideas that we’ve tried to bring in, I’m absolutely delighted and tonight was the cherry on top of the cake really. Coming away to the team that’s top of the league, 605 here in the crowd, and to do what we did. I thought we were the better team in the first half, even when we went 1-0 down. I was disappointed to be losing the game, but the reaction after that was fantastic. I thought there were some really great performances out there tonight.”

AI: “Considering there were only 14 players available to choose from as well they’ve gone out and done a job for you really.”

CW: “One of them was our physio Danny Brunton so yeah there were only really 13 players to choose from! When you look at having people like Brett Agnew missing, Nicky McNamara, that sort of player the spine of your team, they’re big players to be out against the top of the league teams. We handled it more than comfortably, and the lads that came in and took the shirt have really stood up and been counted. Absolutely outstanding performance.”

AI: “I thought one of the stand out players was Tom Fleming, he got stuck in, he put his body on the line.”

CW: “He was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. He kind of epitomises everything about Bridlington Town. He’s the captain, this is his tenth season, and even after ten seasons he shows what it means to win. As a manager you dream of players like that, Chelsea have John Terry, Steven Gerrard was Liverpool’s and Bridlington Town have Tom Fleming. So we’re very fortunate to have him.”

AI: “So is that what you envisaged when you brought Nicky McNamara in? They’re both a very similar kind of player.”

CW: “Yeah, they’re both of a good stature, good readers in the middle of the park, Macca adds to that. Obviously he wasn’t there this evening so when you need someone to really step up and be counted I thought Flem led by example. Jenks as well at the back, your older experienced players were outstanding. I thought Jenks was unfortunate to get his own goal but overall in the game he was different class against some good players as well their number nine was a handful. I thought Jenks dominated him really.”

AI: “Another new signing, Harry Fox has been brought in, another one of your old faces.”

CW: “I really enjoyed working with Foxy at Hull United. Since I last saw him he’s grown about a foot. I went to go meet him today and I was like ‘What you been eating?!’ So yeah he’ll be a good addition to the squad. He’s only young lots of ability, lots of talent and I enjoy working with him because he wants to learn. I look forward to improving him as a player. It’s nice to have a good young batch coming through and Foxy will be one of them.”

AI: “Of course he’s only 17, and he can add to the team, but will you be looking at the academy now?”

CW: “Yeah definitely, he’ll have a part to play and we had a good meeting on Saturday after the game with the reserves. I think it’s important we have a production line, you know yourself from your time at Hull United that I brought through probably three or four of the under 18’s and gave them an opportunity. I’m a product myself of a youth team coming through Sheffield United’s academy.

I understand the importance of it, short term and long term, but it’s going to be difficult to break into this team because with the lads we’ve got here have stood up and been counted. I think it’s important on Thursday in training I’ll introduce a couple of the young lads from the reserves and give them a taste of it. I’ve got a long term vision for Bridlington Town it’s not just short term. I’ll be looking at the youth and the reserves too.”

AI: “Ironically we talk about youth, Jamie Forrester gets us back in the game.”

CW: “Yeah, great finish, Jack Walters, 19, crossed it in to Jamie Forrester who’s around that age too. It was a great finish and I’m happy for Jamie he comes with a reputation of being a very good player, and I said to him before I signed him that with someone of his ability I expect him to be getting 15-20 goals, and that’s two in four he’s got for us now. I’m happy with him he worked his socks off as well, the other side to his game is that he’s got all the talent, you’ve got to do the hard work as well. He did that tonight and had a very good performance, the team was outstanding today.”

AI: “We’re up to seventh, we’ve got a few games in hand, how are you going to keep the winning run going?”

CW: “There’s 30 games to go, we’ve just got to keep plugging away. The team’s that are up there at the top let them get on with doing what they’re doing and we’re happy just being the quiet team in behind just doing our business. We roll on to Thursday, a big night for us in training, iron out some things and Saturday is another big game. Got to go and win it.”